My Home Practice Sanctuary

My Home is my Sanctuary

For a lot of us right now, we have had to make our home an office, a restaurant, a cinema and a home practice sanctuary.

It’s often quite difficult to distinguish the purpose of each space in our homes. A lot of us (I know I do) often use our dining room as our office, our living room as our restaurant and our bedroom as a cinema.

The importance of creating your own personal sanctuary for your practice is obvious. We need to be clear of distractions in our daily lives, so that we can focus on what truly matters during our practice.

How to Create a Home Practice Sanctuary

Choose a space:
Sounds simple yet it can be difficult to find a room where you can be at peace and free of distractions. Some tips you can try include: re-purposing a room that’s not functionally in use, decorate a corner of a room you’re already using or try practising outdoors!

Introduce greenery:Β 
Indoor plants allow you to introduce nature indoors and the colour green has been shown to create a sense of tranquillity and peace.

Books whether decorative or purposeful make a great addition to any space. This sanctuary can be a space for your practice and it can also be a place where you can enjoy solitude.

Add aromatics:
Certain scents can associate you with different moods and emotions. Choose aromas that are zen, playful, earthly or chic to associate your space with your vibe.

A pretty yoga mat:Β 
This is probably the most important piece of equipment and decor you will need. A mat should be practical and it should also suit your space and vibe. You’ll be spending most of your time in this space on the mat, so make it one that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

My Happimat Dee is as much part of this room as it is useful to me. It makes me feel graceful and transports me to a beautiful tropical oasis every time I practice. In fact, I usually leave it laid out in my sanctuary as a piece of art that I like to display.

Do you have a home practice sanctuary? Share photos of your space with @happimat on Instagram or Facebook.Β 

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