Win a Happimat yoga mat: #AnimalArkAsanas

🚨New Yoga Challenge!! 🚨 We will be gifting one yoga mat to one lucky yogi! πŸ€— . Regram from @lauradestefyoga – #AnimalArkAsanas . . YOGA CHALLENGE . . JOIN US: 9 May – 18 June . . 40 days of animal-themed yoga poses. Play along daily or break the challenge into chunks! 22 winners guaranteed: will you be one? As it's a huge challenge I'm asking you to break it up however it makes it most manageable to *you*. You could still be in with a shout for prizes even if you miss a few days. I don't expect many if anyone to manage every single day with me so managing the challenge creatively is 100% encouraged! Flows, slides of a weeks poses all shot in one day, a couple of poses every few days…if it makes it easier then do it. Creativity will be rewarded! AND there's a grace period to catch up afterwards as well – so don't feel too pressed on time. I'll aim to have the winners sorted for the end of June. Do whatever works for you in terms of posing and posting. ❀ . TO JOIN: – Share this flyer and tag friends to play – Public profile! – Use the hashtag #AnimalArkAsanas – Tag me and sponsors (DM me for a list to copy/paste!) – Try your best! . . Themes we’ll be looking at: Mental health, animal rescue/welfare, pets as therapy . . Poses: . . 1. Lion 2. Butterfly 3. Cow Face 4. Deer 5. Heron 6. Pigeon 7. Monkey 8. Tortoise 9. Horse 10. Cat 11. Cow 12. Puppy 13. Rabbit 14. Tiger 15. Lobster 16. Lizard 17. Locust 18. Cobra 19. Upward Facing Dog 20. Crocodile 21. Frog 22. Camel 23. Fish 24. Duck 25. Downward Facing Dog 26. Dolphin 27. Crow 28. Firefly 29. Grasshopper (Dragonfly) 30. Peacock 31. Elephant trunk 32. Rooster 33. Partridge 34. Benu Bird 35. Flamingo 36. Eagle 37. Bird of Paradise 38. Swan 39. Stag 40. Scorpion Host: @lauradestefyoga . . Sponsors: . . @pranavidastyle @eightfoldyoga @vayumudra @blossomyogawear @driftwoodgirl1206 @panaprium @hiittoinvert @spoonieyogatribe @bethanysmithyoga @yogagoddessacademy @soter_bentes @trackstarart @reneemitchellwriter @glassticbottle @ahimsaessentials @happimat @vibratehigherofficial @loveandasana @lavitaglam @tellyourstoryco @genki_yoga @lauradestefyoga – #regrann

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